3on3 Comp Summer 2018 - FULL

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3on3 comp: each player/squad plays 39 Games.

Starts 11:30AM - "First" 2 games start simultaneously 10 minute games, 1 minute team change over break, repeats until the round robin is complete, by then every squad has played every squad.

Semi Finals START - top four squads from stage 1 progress in single elimination comp.

3on3 Winners Announced - Cheers!

Book online as a team or individual: http://api.basketball613.com.au/3-on-3-competition

Games are reffed using Fiba 3x3 rules.

This Basketball613 3on3 Competition is an easy to intermediate comp. 4 players max per team.

Referees looking for work please submit your contact details here http://api.basketball613.com.au/referees

We are looking for volunteer scorers, please contact Harry - [email protected]

3on3 Comp Summer 2018 - FULL

Bonus: 3 Point Shoot Out

  • 90 seconds
  • 5 lives
  • Most buckets wins!
    3 Basketball613 game credits
  • Captains nominate 1 shooter at check-in

Rules - Fiba 3x3 Basketball

A player from the non-scoring team will resume the game by dribbling or passing the ball from inside the court directly underneath the basket to a place on the court behind the three point line arc.

The video above has amendments:
  • Unsportsman like conduct: a point will be awarded to the opposite team and they will retain possesion.
  • Sudden Death: In the event that the scores are tied and the time is over, the next team to score a point will end the game and force a win.
  • Basketball613 3on3 Competition Rules

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