3on3 Comp Rules

The following rules are intended to ensure fair play for all participants. Basketball613 promotes sportsmanship as a crucial aspect of the tournament. Observance of the rules, along with sportsmanship and respect for opposing team members and officials helps ensure a safe and enjoyable weekend for everyone.


Good sportsmanship is expected from all participants and spectators at Basketball613. Before the start of each game, every player will sign a Release and Waiver. Either the team captain is responsible to aid in controlling the conduct of teammates and team followers and will act as the sole team spokesperson at all times. Poor sportsmanship could result in the assessing of penalties against a team in either the Technical, Intentional, or Flagrant foul categories (see Fouls). Failure to comply with the sportsmanship standards of Basketball613, with such acts as fighting, taunting, intimidating, excessive arguing, or verbally attacking a player, spectator, or tournament official can lead to the immediate removal of the offending player, team, or spectator from the tournament. Removal from the tournament will, at a minimum, result in the suspension from the next  Basketball613 event. No alcoholic beverages will be allowed on-site. Drunken or disorderly players will not be allowed to play.

Number of Players

Teams may consist of either three (3) or four (4) players that are registered by the tournament entry deadline. The players listed on the team entry form as accepted by Basketball613 are the only ones eligible to play on that team. Player change requests will be accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of tournament officials. Such requests must be submitted and approved no later than 11:00 am, on the day of the event.

Keeping Score

A basket is worth one (1) point. A successful basket behind the three-point line is worth two (2) points. A player must have both feet behind the line to be considered a made shot to be counted as 2 points.

It is required that the winning team of each game supply a scorekeeper to keep points and track fouls for the following game on the same court. He/she will sign a score sheet upon completion of the game affirming the winning team. Failure to do the above will result in the non-cooperating team's next opponent being awarded four (4) points.

Warm Up Time

Both teams will have warm-up time prior to the game at their assigned court. Warm-up time is dependent upon the weather and adherence to the tournament game schedule, and may be as little as 3 minutes.


Who Receives the Ball First?

At the start of each game, a coin will be tossed to determine which team gets the opening possession.


Technical Fouls
A technical foul will be called for unsportsmanlike acts such as taunting, baiting, or trash talk. Taunting and baiting can involve derogatory remarks or gestures that incite or insult a player. Trash talk involves a deeply personal, verbal attack directed toward any person involved in the event. In extreme cases, the player may also be suspended from play and a coach or fan removed from the court for the remainder of that game or for the rest of the tournament.
Intentional Fouls
An intentional foul is a foul designed to neutralise an opponent's obvious advantageous position. It is a foul which, based on the referee, court monitor or Basketball613 official's observation of the act, is not a legitimate attempt to directly play the ball. A foul shall also be ruled intentional, based on the officials observation of the act, if while attempting to play the ball, a player causes excessive contact. 1 point awarded to the team and possession from the top of the three point arc
Flagrant Fouls
A flagrant foul maybe of a violent or aggressive nature, or an act which displays unacceptable conduct. It may or may not be intentional. It may involve violent or aggressive contact such as striking, kicking, kneeing, moving under an opponent who is in the air, and crouching or hipping in a manner which could cause severe injury to the opponent. It may also involve dead ball contact or dialog which is extreme or persistent, aggressive, or abusive. Players committing a flagrant foul will be suspended from play for the remainder of that game or for the rest of the tournament.
A technical, intentional, or flagrant foul cannot be called by a player. A referee, court monitor or Basketball613 official will make the call. Their decision is final. A technical, intentional or flagrant foul results in one (1) point for the offended team and possession of the ball.

Score Possession  - [Removed 14/9/16]

The ball is held after every made basket with the offensive team. The ball must be "checked" by the opposing team before it is in-bounded.


A player from the non-scoring team will resume the game by dribbling or passing the ball from inside the court directly underneath the basket (not from behind the end line) to a place on the court behind the three point line arc.

Taking it Back

The ball must be “taken back” on each exchange of possession regardless of whether a shot was attempted. Failure to properly “take-it-back” will result in loss of possession and any points just scored. “Taking it back” means bringing your whole body, both feet and the ball behind the two-point arc.

Ball Out-of-Bounds

A ball out of bounds will be taken out from the back court line.


The top, bottom and side of the backboard are all considered in play, however, the back of the backboard and the structure are considered out of bounds.

Jump Ball

In a jump ball situation, possession will go to the defense.

Player Substitution

Player substitution is allowed during any dead-ball situation.

Player Injury

In case of injury, the referee, court monitor, or Basketball613 official has the discretion to suspend play for the safety of the injured player.

False Information

If a player(s) information is falsely listed on the entry application, the player(s) will be disqualified from the tournament and the opposing team in the next game will be awarded 4 points. Discovery at any time during the tournament of falsified team information will result in the disqualification of the entire team.

Referees/Court Monitors

Basketball613 will attempt to provide a referee or court monitor at each court to ensure the safe and honest playing of each game. In the event there is no referee, court monitor or Basketball613 official at any court, the foul rules will still apply, but players will call their own fouls, with the exception of technical, intentional, or flagrant fouls (See Fouls).