Average Joes basketball team playing the weekend warriors in boxhill
Average Joes playing the Weekend Warriors in Box Hill

Do you have a basketball team and want to know about joining Basketball613's weekly games?
Do you have several friends who want to play and want to know if you can all be on the same team?

Being on the same basketball team is not going to be a problem at all, take action and start by building your squad. Then if you have no further questions you would select a game based on your squads skill level (beginner, intermediate & advanced), the preferred time and location . Then your all set, emails will be sent to you advising you of further information specific to your squads chosen event. Note that games fill up closer to the event and that means you would might miss out if you are booking less than 7 days before the game.


To play one of our regular weekly games:

  1. Build your squad - Choosing a name is the hard part

  2. Select a game - Check-in and pay for booking.

  3. Now lets play!

Flint tropics playing the weekend warriors basketball team in box hill
Flint tropics playing the Weekend Warriors in Box Hill


We are always interested to see what people name their squads! When your squad is ready and you have confirmed all your players we ask you to bring your own personal jerseys if you have them (no competing basketball companies though!) if not we can provide loan jerseys until you have sourced your own.

In the event that you don't have a full basketball team of 7 players and everyone's happy to have others too, we can add players to your squad,  we know you would want to play together.

Basketball613 differs from being on a regular privately arranged basketball team slightly.  Basketball613 are a much more casual group, with far less formalities, We just want to see people on the court having fun. There would be many similarities too i assume depending what privately arranged basketball team were you playing on.
The referee will be there to introduce you to the other team and keep the game running smoothly. 

You do not even need to be a Basketball613 member to bring your own basketball team, however if you are you are eligible for Victory Points and cheaper weekly games as an individual.

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Looking for a real challenge?

Every season we run 3on3 Competitions these are our "Grand Finals" our season consists of 12 weeks of regular basketball games that lead into quarterly competitions.

In order to book your spot and put you into a squad please register here it's a special event and we hope you can make it! We are always looking for new players to play with. As of march 2018 there will be 2 skill levels. The intermediate is not intense as the latter, is a lot of fun! The following week an advanced 3on3 competition.

Can i bring my own basketball team to join the competition? Yes, registration is here

Above  basketball team photos from 3on3 comp archives