Loose Cannons: On-demand Basketball Championship

Loose Cannons: On-demand Basketball Championship

The fastest way to start playing is our on-demand basketball competition. Offers a wide variety of times, over several locations. You can play as much as you want, whenever the time suites without a seasonal commitment.


  • Flexible days and times (no 10pm games!)
  • Flexible locations Melbourne, Kensington, Box hill, Prahran & Carlton
  • Team ratings replace traditional round robin
  • Flat fee per game. No hidden costs, No other fees


For the serious teams to qualify for finals!


  • Team uniform must be the same colour and with numbers on the back, jerseys can be hired on the day for a small fee.
  • 3 games minimum to start, paid before the first game.
  • Some games may be refereed by 1 organiser, honesty is required by both teams to help with smooth game-play
  • We value honour and sportsmanship, please read the code of conduct and make sure your team meets Basketball613 expectations


Should you accept the challenge...

  • You will be playing a combination of teams like yourselves and competitive Basketball613 social teams.
  • The objective is to build your team rating to the highest level and remain in the top 8 position
  • Top teams begin elimination rounds to reveal the unanimous champions and win the cash prize!

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Teams by rating See Full Leaderboard

Team Position Rating Match Wins  
1 1773 | 294 1
2 1772 | 172 8 Chart
3 1612 | 290 1