Giving up, goes a long way.

Having the latest shoes sure does give you that confident boost when you first step onto the court, you may even keep them clean and used only for indoor basketball. They probably cost a mint, not that it matters when you are doing something you love. Then you have some nice socks that keep you feeling fresh. Actually when you look in the mirror you realise you look good. Nothing wrong with that at all. Basketball apparel is so cool people who dont even play still wear it.

Having one bad habit though, something that you have compromised on for many years, that holds you back, is way more expensive than all of that positive energy you have invested. whether it be smoking, poor diet, lack of regular exercise.. set a deadline (now) because it's never to late.

Be prepared to sweat and get ugly because when you get through to the other side you will be better for it and the people who matter will admire and encourage you in overcoming your adversities.

Play on!

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