Skills N' Drills

Skills n' Drills - 8 weeks Limited spaces Sunday Morning @ Footscray/Kensington Female friendly Good for beginners and players looking for a structured program to hone their existing skills. Here is a brief overview of what we have done in the past for our basketball skills sessions [caption id="attachment_1106899" align="alignnone" width="611"]Basketball skills n drills We break up the court into 2 and then rotate every 10 -20 mins for a full physical and intellectual basketball workout[/caption] Basketball players enjoy a mix of fun basketball games, Chase circuits, basketball fitness, shooting maintenance and ball handling. Want to improve and practice shooting, ball handling, and other skills? Join in for some fun and fast drills! We are starting the year by working on cardio, ball handling, passing and shooting. Drills which combine all of these.
  • Shooting Triangle - 3 people, each basketballer shoots 200+ basketballs
  • Ball handling - various circuits often timing who can complete in the shortest amount of time
  • 3KG Basketball - Weight training to strengthen and condition your jump shot.
  • Pick n roll and other fundamental basketball moves
  • Each week is different we often focus on a skill for that session and apply it to a game situation at the end to help re-inforce the skill.
Facilities: Showers, Parking, (5min walk)Trains, Drinking Water

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