Recap drills and team game (Week 8)

This is the final week for the 8 week Skills n Drills Program. In this session, we will recap drills and team game where players can apply what they have practiced in the past sessions; such as the pass and cut, screening, pick and roll and defensive strategies. The team game will be 30 minutes. If you have attended every session, well done for your commitment and persistence to get through to the end. We put in a lot of effort into planning the Skills n Drills Program and would therefore love to see each and everyone of the attendees be able to see their gradual improvement over the weeks. As with any other sports or skills, regular practice is very important for improvement. There needs to be personal commitment from the players not just at the Skills n Drills session but also outside of the sessions, that is why we urge players to either loan a basketball from us or buy one so that players can practice the drills we teach at least 15 minutes every day. Since we always encourage people to know each other not just on the basketball court but also on a social level, we usually celebrate the end of the Skills n Drills session by coming together for dinner with a free burger sponsored by Grill'd Windsor. Recap drills and team game If you would like to continue on with another 8 week session of the Skills n Drills, we would love to have you back. Please RSVP to book in your spot. We would also love to hear some feedback from you, please leave us a review. If you have any questions during any of the sessions, please feel free to come and speak to any one of the coaches.

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