Women's social basketball

Weekly women's only basketball game

Women's social basketball Women's social basketball

Here at Basketball 613, we recognise that there is a shortage in women's only sports in Melbourne. 

Are you keen to play basketball but cannot find a regular basketball game catering to women only? Most importantly, we do not want women to miss out on fitness and fun just because of this.

For this reason, we are starting up a new weekly women's only basketball game.

When: Mondays 7.00pm to 8.00pm           

Where: YMCA Kensington Community Recreation Centre
             Corner of Kensington Road and Altona Street

To sign up, please book in a spot here. Your first game will be at a trial price of $10. Please note that you do not need to register as a member to play. You can play as a guest.

Format of the game

The games will be for women only at an Easy level. The maximum limit per game is 14 players, 5 players on the court at a time with 2 substitution. Most of our players are regular. We encourage a fun and friendly environment and do not tolerate rough, violent play. 

Each session is 1 hour duration. There is 5 minutes of warm up and shooting practice time and 5 minutes half time break. There will be 2 halves with each half being 25 minutes. Substitution occurs every 5 minutes. Scores are recorded every game. Each player who is a member in the winning team earns 1 Victory Point which they can use to claim various free goodies. Come and maximise your fitness whilst having fun with tunes playing in the background.

Payment is made online, preferably 1 week in advance.

Loan jersey's are provided to new players to identify which team you will be on. Teams are designated and randomised by the event organisers.

Want to bring a team? - https://basketball613.com.au/team.

Jerseys are now in stock - https://basketball613.com.au/shop

All venue facilities have showers, parking, trains(5 min walk) and drinking water.


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