Beginners basketball Melbourne

Beginners basketball Melbourne

Calling all Melbourne basketball Beginners!

Here at Basketball 613, we cater to beginners basketball Melbourne; both male and females aged 16 years and above. Whether you are an absolute beginner, a player who has played basketball many years ago and would like to pick up the skills again or if you would like to join for the fitness and fun, we have a basketball training program that would suit you.

The Skills N' Drills basketball training program has current status of events

Here is a brief overview of what we have done in the past for our basketball training program. A full physical and intellectual basketball workout. Players enjoy a mix of fun basketball games, chase circuits, basketball fitness, shooting maintenance and ball handling.

Want to improve and practice shooting, ball handling, and other skills? Join in for some fun and fast basketball training drills!

We start by working on cardio, ball handling, passing and shooting. Basketball training drills which combine all of these.

Alternatively, we also offer personal basketball training Melbourne. Not able to make it to the group basketball training programs, we can cater to your time and also work with your personal goals. If you are interested, please email [email protected] if you have any questions and we can arrange your personal basketball training session from there.

Shooting Maintenance drills

3 people (1 shooter, 1 passer and 1 rebounder). Each shooter gets 30 attempts, passer counts the number of attempts whilst the shooter keeps count of the number of successful shots.

Beginners basketball melbourne

Ball handling

Various circuits timing the players to see who can complete  the circuits in the shortest amount of time.

Dribbling warm ups - practice pound dribbles (left hand and right hand), pound dribbles with both hands, alternate dribbles with both hands, crossovers etc.

beginners basketball melbourne

Weight training

Strength training with a 3KG Basketball to strengthen and condition your jump shot, work on your core strength to improve your 3 point shooting abilities.

In-game basketball strategies

Learn how to 'Pick and Roll', help your team mates by screening the defense, learn the difference between man to man and zone defense and other fundamental basketball moves.

beginners basketball melbourne

Application of skills and drills to a game

Each week is different, we often focus on a skill for that session and apply it to a game situation at the end to help reinforce the skill.

beginners basketball melbourne


beginners basketball melbourne


Venue Facilities: Showers, Parking, (5min walk)Trains, Drinking Water

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