COVID-19 update

ARE YOU WONDERING WHERE the normal games have gone?

Currently indoor games have been suspended due to court closures.
Naturally we head back outdoors (Like it's 2013).
  • Yes there will be hand sanitiser
  • Yes there will be 10 player limit
  • Yes we will be using the outdoor courts for training
Standby for more information on when normal basketball games start back for, make sure you are registered on the website to receive the newsletter reminder. For more information on basketball training games starting now Going solo? Head outdoors around melbourne.

Ready to Play Basketball?

This is where to play basketball in melbourne

Teams are allocated before the game starts, your name will be on the scoreboard, Remember which colour you are on then grab a clean loan jersey from the bag and start warming up!

Game Rules Players call fouls whether on offence or defence having honest calls makes the game go quicker. We do not have free throws, instead there will be possessions and points awarded to the fouled team to keep momentum going

Every game you win will be counted as a 'Victory Point'

When & where to play basketball

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