BODY CONTACT: should be kept to a minimum, we understand that this is unavoidable at times. However people need to be respectful about how their behaviour is impacting on others.

The worst fouls happen when people do not have the skills to compete and should consider practicing and easing into the group in our beginner friendly sessions.

Fouling is going to happen but we would rather this from friends not strangers. So relax, be aware and open to smiles

RACISM: we are a multi-cultural group of members. This greatly contributes to the richness and variety of our group. Any racism of any sort will NOT be tolerated. We encourage anyone who receives such comments to email immediately. Be aware that different cultures have different standards regarding communication.

DATING: Whilst many of the group are single, this is NOT a dating site and should not be treated as such. I request that you do not approach members during games and ask inappropriate and private questions regarding their relationship status.

If during the course of conversations with other members, topics regarding dating and relationships come up, that of course is different. I would be delighted if people develop loving and extended long term relationships with others – so long as it is on a mutual basis and not through being pressured into it.

SEXIST COMMENTS: This group welcomes and accepts people of all sexual orientations. Please be mindful and respectful of peoples’ choices. We all have a right to express the inner truth of who we are and to be accepted for who we are, so long as this is not expressed in a hurtful way towards others. We will not accept derogatory comments regarding a persons’ sexual choice and I do not want to hear generalized negative comments regarding the faults of any specific gender.

RELIGION: Please be respectful of a persons choice in religion and do not push debates on why a person has chosen to be part of a particular faith.


Step 1. – If you feel safe doing so, it is best to confront the issue straight away, by speaking to the person and explaining to them that you are offended by their comments or behaviour. Be specific and request that they cease to act in the same way again. You may want an apology or you may want to explain how the comment or action has been offensive. Quite often people are unaware that they are acting offensively or that their comments are hurtful. There may be no deliberate intention to hurt or upset the other person and once the behaviour or comment is brought to their attention they may understand and not repeat it again.

Step 2. – If you are afraid of conflict or of a negative backlash from the person or you do not want to bring the matter to the attention of others in the group or you are unable to get a satisfactory response, or the behaviour is repeated, then I request that you report the matter to me. This will be registered as an official complaint. You can do this during conversation with me or you can email me privately through email or basketball613 contact page. Clearly state what has occurred. I will then email the member and ask them for their comment. I will give the member three days to respond. If the member accepts that they have acted inappropriately, that will be accepted. If the member disagrees, then at this stage they will be given the benefit of the doubt. In both cases a ‘strike’ will be recorded against them. If the situation continues, I will suggest that you both meet with me and I will decide if the complaint is a fair one. In both cases the complaint will be registered.

If a member receives three strikes against them from three DIFFERENT members they will be banned from this group for a period of three months.

kind regards
Harry Bosh (organiser)

Basketball 613 – the best social basketball group in Melbourne