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Hot Tubes (3 Players)
    Kallan Carruthers
    Jordan Le Fevre
    Thomas Thorogood
Team Fresh (4 Players)
    Peter Morris
    Jez Chaves
    Daniel Dowlan
    Adrian Bortignon
No Limits (3 Players)
    Peter Maunder
    Conor Mathews
    Dave Rooke
The Resistance (4 Players)
    Roy Sun
    Tim Hays
    Andrew Ferguson
    Miguel Heras Anguera
Airballing finger-rolls (4 Players)
    Nathaniel Wolland
    David Carroll
    Marc Newport
    Daniel Vargas
Loose Cannons (4 Players)
    Harry Bosh
    Nico Liao
    Baptiste Martineau
    Jon Soderlund
The Philadelphia Chicken Nuggets (4 Players)
    Petter Leira
    Salah Osman
    Hong Yu Lim
    Joo Jin
Anths asians (4 Players)
    Anthony Dargham
    Walter Wong
    Kenny Miao
    Woo Ri

8 Teams

= Captain

3088 3on3 Competition - Spring

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3 Point Shoot Out

  • 90 seconds
  • 5 lives
  • Most buckets wins! (2 regular weekly Basketball613 games)

Basketball Competition Rules Overview

FIBA 3x3 Rules of the game video. We have made amendments to this video in the text below. Note that we also have extended details for rules that accompany this.

Amendments to the FIBA rules video:

CONTINUATION of the GAME after a SUCCESSFUL FIELD GOAL (NEW) A player from the non-scoring team will resume the game by dribbling or passing the ball from inside the court directly underneath the basket (not from behind the end line) to a place on the court behind the three point line arc.
No Free Throws / Team Fouls We do not use free throws. If there is unsportsman like conduct a point will be awarded to the opposite team and they will retain possesion.(NEW) This could happen for example: If defending players are seen to intentionally foul a player moving to the basket in a way that has clear disregard for others well being. Or has not made reasonable effort to target the ball and the amount of contact prevents players from a fair chance at scoring.
Sudden Death(NEW) In the event that the scores are tied and the time is over, the next team to score a point will end the game and force a win.