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4058 3x3 Basketball Competition - Spring Past - 11:15am Sat 14 Sep in Carlton

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16 Jan #squads #3on3comp top left the 'untitled team' in position 1 @ Victoria University Aquatic And Fitness Centre

16 Jan Top 3 teams progress to finals #3on3comp @ Victoria University Aquatic And Fitness Centre

16 Jan Match results #3on3comp Group A complete @ Victoria University Aquatic And Fitness Centre

16 Jan #3on3comp @ Victoria University Aquatic And Fitness Centre

16 Jan #squad Boom Shakalaka enters the #3on3comp. group B is now almost full, with only space for 1 more team and 1 more individual @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

15 Jan #squad steve nash, joins the #3on3comp group B @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

10 Jan #3on3comp Group A is now complete! Future #squad and individuals will play on the 23rd thank you! Dabull enters the comp. @ Footscray Park and Gardens

08 Jan #squad RCL has joined the #3on3comp only one spot left for the 16th, 23rd has space and there is still time. @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

08 Jan #squad nepiosene enters the #3on3comp @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

07 Jan #squad Tres Por Tres joins the #3on3comp 1 week to go! @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Squad List

Bose3K (4 Players)
    Abhishek Prasad Satkar
    Rahul Renganathan
    Niel Subramanian
    Bharath DK
Team Hass (4 Players)
    Darren Burton
    Brian Landy
    Gareth Brown
    Stu Maycock
The 3 Morts (4 Players)
    Sina Karimi
    James Peacock
    Nima Karimi
    Rob Cunning
Shooters Shoot Shots (4 Players)
    Nathaniel Wolland
    David Carroll
    Jon Soderlund
    Matthew O'Brien
3x3 (4 Players)
    Felix Huebner
    Sam Davies
    Devin Wosminity
    Michael Kushner
Bad and Boujee (4 Players)
    Christian Solorzano
    Andrew Chaplain
    Daniel Hunter
    Kyle Sinclair
Panzer unit (4 Players)
    Jack Gittins
    Vincent Fuenmayor
    Dillon White
    Chris Villante
Rush Mode (4 Players)
    Philip Morales
    Michael Rixon
    Sam Proctor
    Justin Ou

8 Teams

= Captain

Indys' (Individual players yet to form a team)

0 Indys'

4058 3x3 Basketball Competition - Spring

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Fiba 3x3 Basketball - Rules Overview

FIBA 3x3 Rules of the game video. We have made amendments to this video in the text below. Note that we also have extended details for rules that accompany this.

Amendments to the FIBA rules video:

CONTINUATION of the GAME after a SUCCESSFUL FIELD GOAL (NEW) A player from the non-scoring team will resume the game by dribbling or passing the ball from inside the court directly underneath the basket (not from behind the end line) to a place on the court behind the three point line arc.
No Free Throws / Team Fouls We do not use free throws. If there is unsportsman like conduct a point will be awarded to the opposite team and they will retain possesion.(NEW) This could happen for example: If defending players are seen to intentionally foul a player moving to the basket in a way that has clear disregard for others well being. Or has not made reasonable effort to target the ball and the amount of contact prevents players from a fair chance at scoring.
Sudden Death(NEW) In the event that the scores are tied and the time is over, the next team to score a point will end the game and force a win.

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