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3544 5on5 Easy - (WW)

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    Saturday 19th Jan @ 02:30PM in
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    • 5on5 Easy - (WW)

      EASY weekly social basketball game. Open to all players including beginners.

      Event guide https://basketball613.com.au/weekly-basketball-game-guide

      Want to bring a team? - https://basketball613.com.au/team

      Facilities: Showers, Parking, Trains(5 min walk), Drinking Water.

      We have more competitive games for experienced players


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Qihan Wang's image Qihan Wang Booked in 2 days ago

Po Chen's image Po Chen Booked in 2 days ago

Qiao Chen's image Qiao Chen Booked in 3 days ago

Hi everyone, I'm an international student from China and now I'm studying at Monash university. I think I was not bad at basketball player before I broke my ACL and had two knee surgeries 4 years ago. I didn't do well during the rehab and also gained a lot of weight lol. I hope I can find some less physically games to play, and meet some new friends as well.

Miguel Heras Anguera's image Miguel Heras Anguera Booked in 4 days ago

Charlie Tan 's image Charlie Tan Booked in 4 days ago

Jorge Gonzalez blanco's image Jorge Gonzalez blanco Booked in 5 days ago

Manny  Sison's image Manny Sison Booked in 6 days ago

maxcabrera's image maxcabrera
Daz Doukas 's image Daz Doukas Booked in 1 week ago

Felix Huebner's image Felix Huebner Booked in 1 week ago

Chris Earle's image Chris Earle
Vu Hoang's image Vu Hoang Booked in 1 week ago

John Benedict Sweeney's image John Benedict Sweeney Booked in 2 weeks ago

Mo Ismail's image Mo Ismail Booked in 2 weeks ago

Organiser's image Organiser

05 Jan #sat1430kensington @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

22 Dec #sat1430kensington @ Kensington, Victoria

15 Dec #sat1430kensington @ Kensington Community Recreation Centre