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3546 5on5 Hard - (LC)

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    Saturday 19th Jan @ 04:30PM in
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      Result Both teams are a draw at 0 points
    • 5on5 Hard - (LC)

      Highly Experienced & competitive players play each week. Players are asked to play 1 on 1 instead of zone defence.

      Event guide https://basketball613.com.au/weekly-basketball-game-guide

      Want to bring a team? - https://basketball613.com.au/team

      Facilities: Showers, Parking, Trains(10 min walk), Drinking Water.

      Athletes of this game play often at a high pace. If you are unsure what level you are please join the intermediate games at 6pm and discuss with the organiser thanks!

      We have EASY social games for beginners on Monday


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Players : 15 Attending

Roman Cuevas's image Roman Cuevas Booked in 4 hours ago

Will Hoatson's image Will Hoatson Booked in 23 hours ago

Travis Eldridge's image Travis Eldridge Booked in 1 day ago

Marc Newport's image Marc Newport Booked in 1 day ago

Kena Ahipene's image Kena Ahipene Booked in 1 day ago

Julian  Anczewski's image Julian Anczewski Booked in 1 day ago

Jack Anwar 's image Jack Anwar Booked in 2 days ago

Tyler Paytas's image Tyler Paytas Booked in 2 days ago

Darren Burton's image Darren Burton Booked in 3 days ago

Stuart  Maycock's image Stuart Maycock Booked in 3 days ago

Sam Garivaltis's image Sam Garivaltis Booked in 4 days ago

Henry Stepney's image Henry Stepney Booked in 6 days ago

David Carroll's image David Carroll Booked in 1 week ago

Darwin native attempting to figure out how this "big city" thing woks. Played ball most of my life.

Nevin Thomas George's image Nevin Thomas George Booked in 2 weeks ago

Been awhile since I played, looking to catch up...

Organiser's image Organiser

05 Jan Nicos fresh Jordan's lighting up the #court #sat1630kensington @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

22 Dec #sat1630kensington @ Kensington, Victoria

22 Dec #sat1630kensington @ Kensington, Victoria