5on5 Easy - (WW) (4727)

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    Monday 20th Jan @ 07:00PM in

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Ines Gvozdich's image Ines Gvozdich Booked in 3 weeks ago

Jeffrey Xie's image Jeffrey Xie Booked in 2 weeks ago

Luke Lane's image Luke Lane Booked in 1 week ago

Jimmy Carter's image Jimmy Carter Booked in 1 week ago

Simon Flavel's image Simon Flavel Booked in 1 week ago

Po Chen's image Po Chen Booked in 6 days ago

Dion Ranger's image Dion Ranger Booked in 3 days ago

Nikhil Medara's image Nikhil Medara Booked in 2 days ago

Mo Ismail's image Mo Ismail Booked in 2 days ago

Carlos  Hong's image Carlos Hong Booked in 18 hours ago

Bryant Ting 's image Bryant Ting Booked in 17 hours ago

02 Oct Mitch and Luke, after a win, good to do see sons and fathers being able to play on the same field! #mon1900kensington @ Kensington, Victoria

30 Sep #mon1900kensington

03 Sep #mon1900kensington first game with 5 ladies in a long time! keep it up! @ Kensington Community Recreation Centre

28 Aug It would also depend how early players book in

19 Aug #mon1900kensington @ J J Holland Park

01 Jul #mon1900kensington