5on5 Hard - (LC) (4832)

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    Tuesday 25th Feb @ 07:00PM in
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    • 5on5 Hard - (LC)

      Highly Experienced & competitive players play each week. Players are asked to play 1 on 1, over a zone defence.

      Event guide https://basketball613.com.au/weekly-basketball-game-guide

      Want to bring a team? - https://basketball613.com.au/team

      Facilities: Showers, Parking, Trains(5 min walk), Drinking Water.

      Athletes of this game play often at a high pace. Please join the intermediate games at 6pm and discuss with the organiser thanks!

      We have EASY social games for beginners every Monday at 7pm

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Jon Soderlund's image Jon Soderlund Booked in 1 month ago

yutaro bungo's image yutaro bungo Booked in 4 weeks ago

Roger  Coleman-Bock 's image Roger Coleman-Bock Booked in 2 weeks ago

Giannis Dimitriou's image Giannis Dimitriou Booked in 2 weeks ago

Ivan Bukumira's image Ivan Bukumira Booked in 2 weeks ago

Niall Forbes's image Niall Forbes Booked in 1 week ago

Panos Tsaganis's image Panos Tsaganis Booked in 5 days ago

Carl Coady's image Carl Coady Booked in 5 days ago

10 Dec #tue1900kensington @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

12 Nov #tue1900kensington ref Shane Pickard taking over

18 Sep #tue1900kensington @ Kensington Community Recreation Centre

13 Aug #tue1900kensington

16 Jul Tonight players got hot! #tue1900kensington point for point it was close all night, 10 point lead at most. Orange kept fighting. the final seconds so precious... next loose cannon game #sat1630kensington @…

09 Jul #tue1900kensington @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

09 Jul #tue1900kensington @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

09 Jul #tue1900kensington @ Melbourne, Victoria, Australia