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5on5 Easy - (WW)



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Enter gate on Albert st! ***Game training*** The courts have a roof that is sheltered from the weather while being open and outdoor. This means we can safely train for the upcoming basketball games and season finals. Space is limited. Masks not required however if you feel more comfortable wearing one then your welcome to use one. The public toilets are located on the corner of victoria st and lithgow, use at your own risk! Trams and Parking in the area and the gate on Albert st (parallel to lithgow) is the main entry and exit. Should there be a sudden lockdown or change of plans your games will be postponed and a credit will be added to you account. Teams can also come for training, however limited to 5 people per team. Make sure you have registered your mobile phone on the website for contact tracing.
Quick tips before you start
Abbotsford Google maps -37.809073 144.998735