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3365 5on5 Easy - (WW)

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    Monday 17th Dec @ 06:00PM in
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    • 5on5 Easy - (WW)

      Weekly social basketball for easy players

      Fun game of mixed basketball. Once the ball has been tossed play begins, there is substitution every 4 minutes during the hour. Maximise your fitness each game while we pump up the volume! Each team has 2 subs.

      Payment is made online, preferably 1 week in advance.

      Loan jersey's are provided to new players to identify which team you will be on. Teams are designated and randomised by the event organisers.

      Want to bring a team? - https://api.basketball613.com.au/team.

      Jerseys are now in stock - https://api.basketball613.com.au/shop

      Facilities: Showers, Parking, Trains(5 min walk), Drinking Water.


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