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3233 5on5 Medium - (WW & CR)

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    Wednesday 19th Dec @ 08:00PM in
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      Box Hill
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    • 5on5 Medium - (WW & CR)

      Weekly social basketball for all players

      Each week we play a competitive game of mixed basketball. Once the ball has been tossed play begins, there is substitution every 4 minutes during the hour. Maximise your fitness each game! Each team has 2 subs.

      Payment is made online, preferably 1 week in advance.

      Loan jersey's are provided to new players to identify which team you will be on. Teams are designated and randomised by the event organisers. Unless you build your own squad

      And then add to a game

      Jerseys are now in stock

      Facilities: Showers, Parking, Trains(10 min walk), Drinking Water.


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Hey guys, I’ve only just got back into basketball over the last few months. Used to play back in my teens but haven’t ever since until recently. I just moved from Adelaide to Melbourne and I’m looking to meet some new people and just have some fun playing ball. I have a good understanding of the game but just don’t have the skill set like I did back in the day! Looking forward to coming out for a game shortly. Thanks

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