What to know before your first Basketball613 game - best time to play basketball

The scoreboard has the teams and players allocated ready to play
The scoreboard has the teams and players allocated ready to play
Now is the best time to play basketball. Here's what you need to know for your first game: We set a fast pace on game day, you will be introduced to the group, welcomed, handed a jersey which you will use to identify which team you are on for the entire game. We have 2 subs for each team and encourage players to run hard while on the court.

Game day is the best time to play basketball

Teams are allocated before the game starts, your name will be on the scoreboard, Remember which colour you are on then grab a clean loan jersey from the bag and start warming up! Game day runs the same whether your coming as an individual or bringing your team.

Dirty loan jerseys dumped in the laundry bag before you leave. Basketball jerseys come in S, M, L & XL sizes and can be purchased $35 cash at the game. These are reversible and is all the equipment you will need while playing with us.

Every game you win will be counted as a 'Victory Point'. When you have enough you can exchange these points for free games or other free stuff from the ever growing list!

After the game organisers often upload video for members to see their progress and help identify areas they may want to improve.

We have the right to refuse entry to members who are aggressive and are not playing in sportsmanlike manner without refund.

What to expect on the day

Game Rules

Players call fouls whether on offence or defence having honest calls makes the game go quicker.

We do not have free throws, instead there will be possessions and automatic points awarded to the fouled team.

An organiser/referee will be present to keep the flow of the game going.

Game Format

5 minute warm-up and shoot around, 2 x 25 minute half times

2 Players substitute every 3-5 minutes from each team. Helps make the best time to play basketball.

The game starts on time if you need to warm up, be early.
Photos from the game will be available on social media during or shortly after the game

Basketball Gear

You should bring comfortable sports gear, high top basketball shoes are preferred to protect your ankles. A drink bottle is handy as there may not be time to hunt around for water once the game starts. Towels help keeping sweat down so the ball doesn't slip, especially if your playing more than one game on the day.

Basketball skill levels

If you are new to the game or returning your first game should be in the beginner group this is called the Weekend Warrior group. There are 2 other groups Crusaders and Loose Cannons.

Skills n' Drills

If you are attending a skills session the coach will be there to instruct the group. Follow along and ask questions there. These are dynamic and changing.

Game bookings

Avoid disappointment by booking 7 days in advance where possible, games fill up quick closer to the day.

So when is the best time to play basketball?

Now! Enjoy your first game with Basketball613

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