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Group levels & Player Grading

Group levels & Player Grading

We have 3 sub-groups each with different players and abilities.

  • Advanced / Hard / 'Loose Cannons' (LC)
    • A Grade: Top grade domestic teams and teams with players that compete at high levels: Big V, VJBL, CBL, etc.
    • B Grades: You play in the top grades of your local competition.
  • Intermediate / Medium / 'Crusaders' (CR)
    • B & C Grade: You play in the higher to middle grades of your local competition.
    • D Grade: You play in the middle to lower grades of your local competition.
  • Rookie / Easy / 'Weekend Warriors' (WW)
    • D & E Grade: You play in the lowest grades of your local competition

The three basketball groups

Note! All players start as ungraded and can play any game, however will be added to the Weekend Warrior group by default after the first game.

Note! If your not happy with the group the organiser has put you in. Don't worry remember that this is not permanent, send an email to to discuss which game you believe suites your skill.

Weekend Warriors (WW)

Compares to a D grade standard. Play an Easy going game.  Basketball in a fun and supportive environment. By nature players have had several years playing off on on.

Crusaders (CR)

Compares to a B grade standard. Play a Medium intensity intermediate level game. Players play weekly with few exceptions, the outcome of the game is important.

Loose Cannons (LC)

Compares to an A grade standard. Compete in an Advanced fast flowing game with players that play regularly and for many years. One on one (man on man) defence as zone defence is only allowed in the event of a 20 point blow out. Mostly advanced skilled players with some selected intermediate skilled players. This game will be far more challenging and  faster paced session for well seasoned competitive players, People know their position on the court and can coordinate plays. A key indicator of an advanced player is when team members are lifted by their presence and not just them dominating the scoreboard.

All groups (all)

Open to All skill levels. Sometimes we have limited space or time, therefore games will merge groups together

Legacy / Pickup Games

Informal and casual game of varying skill levels. Maybe in a 3x3 half court format.


On 1/1/2018, players are now able to provide information about their specific basketball skills, experience and personal attributes. We take this information and when classifying a new playerThis helps organisers assign players into appropriate teams on game day. 

As of 28/04/2022 Adult Beginner basketball games & training have been removed. To be replaced with youth and young adults 14 to 20 years old

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