Groups & Player Classification

Groups & Player Classification


As we head into peak season (May to August), games fill earlier and player standards genuinely match the game.

It is important that you are sincere and play games within your classification. (open to discussion by email)

It's considered rude for a beginner to show up at a higher grade game and expect everyone to slow down for them.

You must consider which group you are in when booking games. It's unacceptable to select games exclusively to fit your schedule.

You can easily find which group you have been allocated to by logging into the website.

On 1/1/2018, players are now able to provide information about their specific basketball skills, experience and personal attributes. We take this information and when classifying a new playerThis helps organisers assign players into appropriate teams on game day. 


The groups are indicated below.

(ALL) = Open to All skill levels

(WW) = Weekend Warriors play an Easy going beginner to intermediate level game. 

Compares to a D grade standard

(CR) = Crusaders play a Medium intensity intermediate level game.

Compares to a B grade standard

(LC) = Loose Cannons compete in an Advanced fast flowing game with players that have play regularly and for many years. These games are played with a one on one (man on man) defence, and zone defence is only allowed in the event of a 20 point blow out.

Compares to an A grade standard

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