Groups skill levels

In help by Basketball613

All new members are encouraged to attend the ‘Weekend Warriors’ group, what’s that? We have 3 sub-groups each with different players and abilities.

Weekend Warriors 

Beginners play basketball in a fun and supportive environment so that players can practice to improve their game from week to week.



By nature are intermediate skilled players with some beginners and advanced players.


Loose Cannons 

Mostly advanced skilled players with some selected intermediate skilled players. This game will be far more challenging and  faster paced session for well seasoned competitive players, who know their position on the court and can coordinate plays

All groups

Sometimes we have limited space or time, therefore games will merge groups together

Pickup Games

Informal and casual game of varying skill levels

If you have been put into a group, remember that this is not permanent, the decision is not based on whether you’re bad or good. For example, a key indicator of an advanced player is when we notice that team members are lifted by their humble presence and not just dominating by scores