Your first game

You should bring comfortable sports gear. A drink bottle is handy as there may not be time to hunt around for water once the game starts. Towels help keeping sweat down so the ball doesn't slip, especially if your playing more than one game on the day. Sometimes we head to a local place for food and drinks so a change of clothes is handy after you play basketball.

We set a fast pace on game day, you will be introduced to the group welcomed, handed a jersey which you will use to identify which team you are on for the entire game. We have 2 subs for each team and encourage players to run hard while on the court.

We strongly recommend players who are not ready to jump straight in to a game to join our Skills N' Drills / 3on3 sessions. There you will meet the organisers and other members for an orientation of the world of half court basketball with 3on3 games, basketball training program sessions, shooting drills and more.

After games organisers often upload videos for members to see there progress and help identify areas they may want to improve. It is then up to you to decide if you would like to take it to the next level and join as a regular member. We also have the right to refuse members who are aggressive and are not conducive to our basketball culture.

Are you new to the sport? try our training sessions to get you game ready!

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