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1. Fill out a registration form with your contact details
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As a member you will receive email reminders of upcoming games and receipts of all payments made


  • Access to all events and venues. We have multiple venues across Melbourne.
  • Save up to 30% discount on your game fees
  • You will earn victory points each game you win, this can be converted to free games, basketball gear or used to challenge other players!
  • Membership is a once-off fee

No contracts! You have the flexibility to come when you want to without worrying about paying ongoing fees.

Game fees: You are entitled to a credit if you notify us 3 days prior to the game so we have time to replace your spot. The credit can be transferred to a future game of the same value.  Membership is a one time fee and is non refundable.
Casual game costs $13 per game
4 game option costs $11.20 per game
8 game option costs $9.80 per game
Paid members are entitled to a 7% discount per game or 20% when purchasing 4 and 30% when purchasing 8 or more games.
You should bring comfortable sports gear, high top basketball shoes are preferred to protect your ankles. A drink bottle is handy as there may not be time to hunt around for water once the game starts. Towels help keeping sweat down so the ball doesn’t slip, especially if your playing more than one game on the day. Sometimes we head to a local place for food and drinks so a change of clothes.

We set a fast pace on game day, you will be introduced to the group, welcomed, handed a jersey which you will use to identify which team you are on for the entire game. We have 2 subs for each team and encourage players to run hard while on the court.

After the game organisers often upload video for members to see their progress and help identify areas they may want to improve.

We also have the right to refuse members who are aggressive and are not conducive to our basketball culture without refund.

You will have access to the guest area once you create your account. From the guest area you can play limited once off games & some 3on3 competitions


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Become a member of the best social basketball in Melbourne for active people! Beginners to Advanced players welcome.