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2022 update

2022 update

Did you know?

  • Victory Points (VP) have changed, instead of exchanging 7 VP for a game, it now costs 5 VP but must be gifted to another player. More about this

Welcome to Basketball613! You are part of a local community that has hundreds of active players. I am so glad you’re here. The small team at Basketball613 has been building community for a while now. 7 years ago, I was having trouble finding a positive experience playing basketball outdoors & finding a team indoors and felt there has to be other people who want to meet each other for the first time, unite, and offer support. I realised that there had to be a way to connect players with one another. Thus basketball613 was born.

Since I created Basketball613 in 2014, I’ve learned powerful things happen when people exercise in a team environment. They find support, learn, grow, and make lasting connections. Many of us have feelings of loneliness and isolation, we play to make people feel more connected to others, and even feel more confident.

Everyone who joins Basketball613 makes our community stronger. Whether you’re you make the platform the powerful tool for connection that it is today.

What's on


  • Basketball training - Skills N' Drills in Richmond a detailed overview of what we cover can be found on the training page
  • Restricting access to players who are not 'game ready' to training sessions
  • For sanity reasons sales and support will be during business hours. 9am - 5pm
  • $1 increase due to rising court fees. first increase in over 3 years.

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