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Basketball teams looking for players Melbourne register now!

Basketball teams looking for players Melbourne register now!

Towards winter we offer more basketball games to meet a rising demand. What demand? Players struggle to play outdoors with a lack of natural light, cold, windy and rainy weather. Winter hasn't started yet but already its getting dark earlier, therefore more people are looking for teams to play with. 

The 6 team league is starting now, you can register a team or if you don't quite have enough players we can organise that for you. Individual players looking for a game are encouraged to register now so we can assign you to a team.

Teams will be balanced ideally and where possible swapping players around may be necessary to make the whole league fair and enjoyable


  • Less outdoor activities mean more people looking for basketball that is why we are starting the basketball league.
  • Because of limited options in general, we also see beginners joining the training sessions to keep fit and learn a new skill.
  • Space dries up at the on-demand games and casual basketball players find that booking in earlier is the only way to get in and play.
  • This peak period is now starting and lasts until mid November, after the spring rains have settled. By then we will be in our fourth season!

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