Common basketball injuries

As we head into winter we are looking at getting a physiotherapist in every now and then to help general health. There has been an observable pattern after a cold snap in temperature. When Autumn sets in comes a relief from the hot, and it allows people to run harder all the way into winter. However this is also the time to start your own little warm up routine. Especially focusing on the fingers, ankles, neck, back and shoulders.

Basketball stretches for pre and post game
Basketball stretches for pre and post game

Basketball is a fantastically athletic sport. Many fast and jolting maneuvers. Basketball requires respect from the body. Here are some warm up stretches & exercises you should implement before the next game.

keep in mind if you have just ridden your bike or jogged for 15 minutes to the venue, that still not enough.

You need to take responsibility for your health as we enter into the cooler months.

Starting in Autumn the skills n' drills will begin with a standard 11 minute stretch and warm up to help protect players from injury.

There are always risks of injuries, we try to minimise theses by monitoring games for rough play and pre game warm ups. We ask while defending be mindful not to get caught underneath players. Landing on someone's foot is no fun and can result in a sprained ankle. Every basketballer will have a similar story of how a ball jarred a finger or thumb while trying to catch a pass or intercept a play, it's part of the game unfortunately!

If you are injured and need a couple of games off recovery, you need to notify us especially if you have games booked in on your account. From the members area cancel your game and write a message to admin with a brief description.

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