Free games from Victory points will be given more frequently from now on, players can exchange 5vp instead of 7 for a game. To encourage community, free games must now be issued to a friend rather than yourself. Consider inviting a new friend or giving to an existing member.

Games are filling up faster than expected, thank you for booking early!

We know that sporting clubs such as basketball613 have a significant influence on community life and culture. Local Businesses are encouraged to begin team building by playing basketball with us. Look for the team button on the homepage. Companies can claim this as an expense during tax time.

To discourage selfish unsportsmanlike plays and flagrant fouls, a VP will now be deducted from that player. As usual possession and a field goal awarded to the opposing team.

Enjoy the upcoming games tomorrow, there is some court changes next week, be sure to double check which court your on when you arrive. please be early so we can start on time!

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