COVID Return to Play Safe Plan

What measures will you introduce to ensure all participants and spectators are maintaining
personal hygiene?

Sanitise and Cleaning hands, freshly laundered clothes, Dont attend if your ill or symptoms. Spectators not allowed

How will personal hygiene and cleaning of facilities and equipment be maintained to minimise
transmission of coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Sanitise on the ball, before and after, no use of scoreboard, only i will be touching cones

For activities that contain physical contact, or close interaction with other people, what protocols or
modifications to activities can be implemented to ensure physical distancing is maintained?

1.5m achieved through training program with modified drills - maximum 10 people

What measures have you put in place for managing entry and exit points, separating assembly areas,
adjustments to activity timings and maintaining physical distancing of people?

We can go early and ask people to wait outside for temperature check, go through as group
players can only train for 1 hour. to prevent cross over have a 10 minute gap

For team activities, what protocols are in place to enable a staged return to activities of small groups
(up to 20) in non-contact formats?

Players area located to specific time slot. We will be doing individual practice but as a group

What protocols or processes are in place to check if participants are free of coronavirus (COVID-19)

Visual inspection, sick individuals asked to leave. KCRC checking everyone including
staff on entry

What protocols do you have in place for people who present to training with symptoms consistent
with coronavirus (COVID-19) (fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough, sore throat and
shortness of breath)?

Isolate all the things, seek medical advise immediately,
Send home immediately recommend to get tested
Anyone over 38 degrees will be sent home.

How will you control access to the facility to ensure separation of 20 people per enclosed space and up
to 10 people per group/activity?

People will be asked to wait outside collected by the organiser in small batches

How will you monitor physical distancing of 1.5 metres between each person and the density ratio of
one person per four square metres inside the facility?

I / other organisers will watch and blow whistle and ensure distance is maintained


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Sporting clubs and comps COVID Return to Play Safe Plan

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