December 2014

  • Tournament results for summer comp now available, Includes Video snapshots, Individual players scores and team brackets!
    • Game Mode: Duration: 7 minute Total games: 14 Prize: $100 Bonus: double elimination means every team has a spare life
  • Indoor games finish the 14th of December, we return to nomads and head outdoors for some fun in the sun! - stay tuned on the calendar for upcoming games.
  • In the mean time could you please take 5 minutes to provide feedback so we can make the group better
  • We shall return to indoor domesticated basketball Feb 2015
  • Now for the really bad news, the Awards have been delayed! unfortunatley the DEA in America needed more information about the package and as a result 2 weeks have been lost in shipping, so while we believe they should have shipped early, they might not be here for the BBQ =(  [update: awards have shipped]
Many many thanks to all those who helped make the tournament possible
  • Ashlea & Jim Duncan
  • Viet
  • Si & Bec
  • Joanne
Thanks everyone for another fantastic year of dedication and support, enjoy your break like you deserve too and see in 2015.

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