Did you forget to book in your basketball games?

notification of nextgame We all get busy! At Basketball613 we have notifications setup to email you, to help remind you of your next basketball game, including time and venue location and when you run out of basketball games we kindly let you know to visit the members area to grab some more at your convenience.

Space is limited!

We work hard to ensure there is enough locations and times to suit all players, however there is an acceptable level of players that must be met. We cannot compromise the quality of a game for 14 players for just 1 individual.

Why is there 14 players in a basketball game?

Each team has 7 players, 5 on the court with 2 subtitues. Substitutes are there to support your team in-case of player fatigue, player injury or absense. Having more than 7 players eats into each players court time. Anything less than 7 players can make the basketball games difficult to run. Because we push for the whole hour.

Each basketball game is 1 hour

We try and maximise the full time we have allocated to getting the most out of the court space. Organisers setup the teams if needs be, then start the clock for the first 28 minute half. Subs called every 4 to 5 minutes. At half time we run it back in the other direction.

What's the difference?

On average players are very tired and are willingly substituting for a rest. When players come to Basketball613 for the first time after playing in standard basketball league, it often takes several weeks to adjust to the additional cardio load. Often our better players are here to improve their game because of this.

Reserve your basketball games and play today!

Guests can book upcoming games now (limited), get instant confirmation online and start playing From the members area calendar, full members get unlimited access to basketball games and get discounts of 20% and 30% per game. Team captains book in your mates for a fun scrimmage  

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