Face Masks

Face Masks

While not currently a requirement to play basketball or train with, players should feel comfortable from any stigma while playing indoor or outdoors.

Mask Recommendations

STRUCTURE is your key to easier breathing. Breathing hard will suck the mask fabric into your nostrils and mouth. With structure, it creates space between your face and the mask. Here is a short list of face coverings that can be worn while playing basketball

Under Armour SPORTSMASK 
UnderArmour Sportsmask Lots of structure and space for breathing and the mask doesn't get as wet while working out. 

Adidas Face Covers


KN95 Face Mask 25 Pack
KN95 disposable Multiple layers provide a solid filter, sits snug on your face and it doesn't require any extra laundry


GATAmask Gamechanger for people who wear glasses. Plus this silicone mask can go in the dishwasher!


Face Frames Get structure for any mask

For better or worse, during a full lockdown some people will still go out and play against the local laws. Consider protecting your self and others by wearing a mask. Be safe while playing basketball!

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