How To Bring A Friend

Ever wondered "how can I invite a friend?" 

Say your friend is coming from interstate and they only expect to play as a once-off, or maybe you want to get someone off the couch to an easy game. It can be daunting to direct a friend to the website and expect them to figure it all out, so now you can do it for them. 

To bring a mate

  1. Visit the squad page, create new and add your friends name
    Squad name is used if you plan on bringing a team of 5 or more.
  2. Pick your game
  3. Checkout and pay for both as you normally would

Bring a mate

It's worth mentioning that you have the option to enter the persons email address. This is handy to keep their victory points and they won't need to create an account later when they come back.


Guest calendar

Calendar page has been re-designed, should be a bunch easier to use now. check-it!

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