Jerseys have arrived! OCT 2016

[caption id="attachment_1106601" align="alignright" width="222"]Reversible basketball jersey all sides Reversible basketball jersey all sides[/caption] Finally the new Basketball jerseys have landed. Their new home, Melbourne! Players can now choose from 5 sizes on game day and own their own reversible Basketball613 gear!   Hey! let's not forget the sashes did a pretty great job for many years, and no doubt will be around for any impromptu outdoor basketball games, or even our casual indoor 3on3 basketball games we often have.   [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="406"]Good Old Basketball Sashes! Good Old Basketball Sashes![/caption] But for now enjoy the comfort and quality. To purchase you'r very own basketball jersey please bring $30 with you to your next game. This is cost price! We often have common sizes such as M, L and XL if you require additional sizes message us prior to the game day and we will arrange to have it there ready for you! While we have "loaners" for new players and others yet to purchase, we expect regular players to have their own. Are you wanting jerseys for a league and require your own custom logos put on? we can help with that!

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