July 2015

Venue switch!

We have moved from Collingwood to Kensington for superior court quality.

3on3 comp results

8 teams played off against each other in a competitive game of 3on3.  14 games were played in total. The event was held at the Kensington YMCA and was open to the public however most were regular basketball613 members. If your interested in joining our next 3 on 3 basketball comp, register yourself and you will be automatically notified of the next one. Total of $130 was raised in donations for the Children’s Hospital. Read more

Looking for players or teams?

Time, money and effort go into organising an awesome basketball group, we know what its like to not have enough players for a team or looking for teams when they are all full! Read More

What happened to the monthly pass?

Last year we successfully introduced the "monthly pass" where we discounted games to players who committed to 4 weeks, this was a success and as a result Basketball613 was able to confidently book venues in advance. This was temporary though as it generated a lot of accounting work. During December and January a new system was built on the basketball613.com.au website, the "HQ website". Members can now take advantage of the monthly pass still although now the bits and pieces are more automated. We will continue to improve this service in time. Would love to hear suggestions, comments or feedback on how Basketball613 can improve it's game, so that you can play yours!    

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