Loose Cannons

A word on Loose Cannons..

  • Do you know the difference between our 3 skilled groups? you can find a brief description here.
  • We encourage advanced (A grade league) players to join Loose Cannon games.
  • Regarding defence strategy: 2-3 zone has been dropped, alternatives ok, with a 1-to-1 'man' defence prefered.
  • We are finding too many players attempting to play in the Loose Cannons games at 7pm Tuesday & 4.30pm Saturday
    • If your usual game is full do not simply fill in the Loose Cannon games.
    • If you cannot handle the rejection of being told to work on your game before entering, do not join the loose cannon games.
    • If you think your too good for the other levels, do not join the loose cannon games.
  • All that being said, we need players for the advanced games, we are always looking for new people to join please contact us [email protected] if this is something you are interested in.


What else:

  • The Skills N' Drills have been warmly received at Footscray Park, last weekend we were at court 2, now we are on court 3 which is the top level on the elevator. It's a little tricky to find so i have attached a map where you can see building L.

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