More player rewards for committed basketballers

Members save with 30% discounts by choosing 8 games in advance. Players are free to pick and choose from several locations and times that suits their schedule.

Players can now book 8 basketball games and save massively!

No increase in game fees

The last price increase was several years ago, it is possible to see an increase in the future to bring prices in-line with raising court costs and other costs. However we are working very hard to keep the price of basketball games affordable while providing quality basketball games around Melbourne.

20% discount still exists

When booking four games the 20% discount still applies. This concept was introduced in 2014 and helped players secure their spot during peak periods even after we found more locations and times to play basketball.

Why make it cheaper?

We are not actually making things cheaper because we have to, we are still offering the same quality basketball games. However, have noticed players wanting to play more consecutive games and understand that at the end of the week players should be rewarded for playing more. This new price should hopefully make playing basketball more affordable and rewarding for players each week.

What about my team?

We offer similar discounts for teams when they book multiple games in advance, teams can already book single games, get in contact with an organiser to find out how to book more at a time and get a cheaper rate.


$9.8 for an organised game of basketball is really cheap, especially since you can pick and choose the time and location that suits the player. However knowing what your doing in 8 games time is hard for some people to commit to. That's why we will still provide a casual rate for those who have less consistency in their work / life habits. If you have been waiting to get a membership now is the time to get after it.

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