November 2019

Attn: Box hill players

On the 13th of November the 7pm and 8pm games will be re-classified, going forward:

7pm will be Easy/Intermediate games for Weekend Warriors

8pm Hard/Intermediate with a focus on Loose Cannons

9pm will be dropped until early 2020

As we head into the warmer months, games begin to slow down naturally there is more of a focus on fun over competition. Organisers fill in games where once there was constantly 2 subs per team. Your support is required to help call fouls and out of bounds, which for most players this is standard.

  • Christmas breakĀ Many venues are close the week leading up to 2020. Players take time out to travel, so naturally there will be less games towards December with the last event held on the 21st of DEC.
  • Squad fees remain at $60 however set to increase in the coming months. This price was held for most of 2019 as an introductory offer to the new league being built

If you would like to see social events organised please suggest this to the organisers on game day, ideas thrown around have been BBQ's with outdoor basketball courts, Go-karting and Tree adventures obstacle course (Belgrave).

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