Player interview: Jack T

Jack Tsai has unmatched speed and accuracy on the court, it's another level of excitement watching jack drive to the bucket.

Key points for new players:

Highly organised basketball
Good level of basketball
Divided into 3 groups so you can choose how competitive you want to be

"Every one is nice it's not overly competitive, just enough to be fun but no unsportsmanlike acts that I've seen so far anyways.

There's not to many people per game, you actually get a decent playing time you're not just waiting

I really enjoy it"

"What do you miss the most about basketball 613?"

Jack "Sports and fitness in general. There's like an outdoor court nearby but I guess now days (COVID-19) that's all people can do so there's like people always playing" so i don't get to play as much as I normally would. "Plus it's getting colder"

Jack asks:
"Do you know when your going to open? I guess your waiting" on the venues

"June 1 I'm hoping"

We also discussed finding things around the home to use for working out.

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