Player Interview: Jon S

Player Interview: Jon S

Jon Soderland is a guy you can depend on to make the winning shot.

What do you miss most about basketball or 613? is it the social the fitness?

Jon: "It's more the social really. It's having something in common with a bunch of random people you can just come and talk to. ...the fitness side is good ..your actually looking forward to, its a workout without dreading a workout."

How would you explain basketball613 if you bumped into an old mate?

Jon: "The way i explain 613, is basically, it's convenient, it's basketball, flexible for a lot of people, like young professionals, they don't want to lock into a team where they have to play games every week, some of the games are at 10:30 at night and your tired and its a monday night and your not feeling it"

"...the teams are well mixed up so the games are generally always close and it's just a lot more chilled. except when we get angry... hehe mainly me" but seriously "'s not like someone is saying i'll meet you in the carpark after the game, like even when we yell at each other we all shake hands at the end and generally grab a beer"

Photo shot on site at the Richmond Basketball Courts

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