Player interview: Roger C

Player interview: Roger C

Roger Coleman-Bock is an OG NCAA Div. I Player from the 80's. From the moment roger first played you could tell he had mastered the art of basketball and we are lucky to have him represent the competitive Loose Cannons.

What do you miss about Basketball 613?

Roger: "I have played (basketball) for most of my life, but I really enjoy the social aspect of 613, I think it's one of the best leagues I have ever played with and it's truely for fun ... there's healthy competition in 613, there also a comradery that runs all the way through and I love that day you might be playing against someone and next you're playing with them, I think that fosters really good relationships. ...some of the games really click and have a good time, and the fact that I'm still ...running with the young boys at my age is nice!"


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