Quarterly Newsletter - Winter

G'day, A few small changes,

Important notice to South Yarra players, from June the 1st there will be times where we have 2 time slots on the same day. Which changes the way you attend slightly, for example event "5 on 5 - Indoor (LC)" at 1.00 pm and "5 on 5 - Indoor (WW)" at 2.00 pm. To find your particular allocated time slot is easy, just check the meetup events page when your logged in next and you will see either Loose Cannon or Weekend Warrior under your name. If you cannot see this, dont worry you have not been assigned yet so just attend the Weekend Warrior session.

Also note you will see an event name EG: “5 on 5 - Indoor (ALL)” notice the bracket part? This secret code actually has a meaning:

(ALL) = Open to All (LC) = Loose Canons (WW) = Weekend Warriors

By now you should have connected the dots and slayed the dragon. If you don’t understand collect the gold sword from under your pillow and search for the scroll of truth.

The Monthly pass has changed slightly. From June the 1st, 1 venue (Boxhill or South Yarra) will cost $40*. If you would like to attend both the cost is $70^. To be paid in person before the game or on meetup.

*This price covers court costs & administration. This is based off 4 games, some months have more games so price will vary. Works out to be $10 per game ^Both Venues means 8-9 games per month depending on the month. Works out to be $8.75 per game

Check out the videos of our recent games, this page gets updated most weeks.

A side note if there are any illustrators in the group, we have a few hours of design work that needs to be done, please contact me with your hourly rate and a few examples of your work. Look forward to seeing you out on the courts tomorrow! Sincerely Yours Harry

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