Solidarity and belonging

We at Basketball613 wish to assert that solidarity has always been at the heart of our values. While the word may not have been used, we believe this to be the only way forward.

We wish to encourage anyone who has been mistreated / isolated, to be brave, confront your challenges and pour your energy into a positive cause while you can.

Basketball in Australia is a sport for all, bringing together people of any race, religion, nationality, gender, sexual orientation and ability under the shared values of respect, teamwork, trust and understanding.

Recent events in the United States makes it clear that as a global family we must work harder to eradicate racism, discrimination and injustice.

These issues are significant in Australia too. In 1991 there was a Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody. Since then, a further 437 deaths in custody of Aboriginal people have occurred. Not a single person has been held responsible for any of these deaths.

Basketball613 is committed to eliminating racism and discrimination in all its forms and acknowledges we all have a role in building a more tolerant and just society.

We stand side by side in solidarity with black communities, here at home and around the world, in proclaiming that Black Lives Matter.

Following a statement released by Basketball Australia on the 14th of June 2020.

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