Spilling the beans on basketball613 in 2018

Hope you enjoyed your holidays, if you were one of the lucky ones to get away!

No games Week 1 and 2 of January as:

  • Courts underwent resurfacing
  • Added some ripper outdoor courts, great places to shoot around.
  • We held a small gathering for the annual BBQ in Albert Park
  • Setup weekly games and prepare for the 3on3 comp

Many new and exciting happenings on the horizon at Basketball613 in 2018, going to spoil a few. Others you will just have to come and see!

When you login next you will find a bunch of questions thrust upon you, we are getting organised with 'player ranking', it takes 2 minutes before your next game to fill out your player profile, this helps us greatly match players and teams better. Player ranking can always be changed at a later date, and will be used to decide which group players fall into.

Warning Victory Points Expiring
Warning Victory Points Expiring
Victory Points Top 20 2017
Victory Points Top 20 2017

2017 Victory Points are expiring on the 15/02/2018 12:00 AM, this happens once a year and the date will not be extended again! You will lose those points if you do not use them! You can convert Victory Points to a game or other merchandise. Members login to redeem your games today!

This year all 3on3 competitions will be held at Carlton Baths. This is a great venue which everyone loves. Every quarter we will host our "Finals" there. So come together form a squad and compete with and against your mates. We invite squads from outside to mix things up and keep it real.

2 x 3on3 comps each quarter, 1 easy for the weekend warriors and 1 hard for the loose cannons

This year is going to be full of basketball, we have established a beginners and intermediate "skills N' drills"  program, raising the level of basketball skill and consistency within the group. If you are new, or just want to work on your game, this is the place to focus on basketball, it's all we do!