Each year i see more and more players on their phones. And it makes me wonder so many questions...

How do you cross over when there is a phone in your hand?
Checking work email? What meaningful work could be done in three minutes?

Do you even need your phone on the basketball court?

  • Are you a doctor or waiting for an important call?
  • Are you expecting a birth of a child?
  • How is the phone going to help your team win the game?

Are you on a sub break and completely lost because you have 3 minutes to spare?

Here's a list of things you can do.

  • Get some water
  • Stretch
  • Encourage your team
  • Help with the scoreboard, please!
  • Talk to the other subs
  • Think about what your team needs most before you are back playing

Niall Forbes arrives each game with only a car key and warm up top, which is more than enough!

Claude De Leon helps with the scoreboard much more than most people, which is super helpful and encouraging!

#StopScrolling Go Practice!

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