Summer Update

Bringing a mate is now a simple 1 click option. (no longer need to create a team) Requested by players.
Visit the event calendar and bring a friend to your next game.

Starts this Monday 7.30pm in Abbotsford

Casual 3x3 basketball

Abbotsford casual 3x3

3x3 Competition - Registration open

Teams of 3-4 welcome. Players looking to join a team need to book individually now

Teams or Single Player (Individual)


In the pipeline:

30% Discount to tip off the new Autumn season 14th March

Ranked seasons - Lasts 3 months a new one starts immediately when the previous ends. Prizes awarded to highest ranked team, highest ranked player and player with the most Victory Points. Every season will end with a 3x3 Competition

Quick 5x5 single elimination League in Box Hill to close off the current team leaderboard. Attention TEAMS: Class Acts, Juiced, K-TOWN Ballers, PTSD & Motown mutineers please contact me to confirm dates (March 3rd and 10th)

Likely restriction on all players, to attend games within their skill level. LC, CR & WW

Skills & drills training will be later in the year as we are focusing more on established players who are ready to compete. The plan is to have a boot camp in September for beginners.
Looking for experienced referees
Contact us if you are free weeknights and weekends
Part time / casual