The 'comeback' basketballer

A common type of basketballer is the "comeback basketballer" often seen after long periods of work commitments. They have a confidence on the court which is uncharacteristic of their ability, for someone who hasn't picked up a basketball for many months. The comeback basketballer returns to the game of basketball from a long break, often inactive without regular exercise, this is another instance where the risk of injury to themselves and others is real. Two reasons: the body is not use to the rigours of basketball and has not acclimated to the game. Another more fascinating behaviour which can be observed without fail, the comeback basketballer seems intent and preoccupied, their mind has a way saying:
"I haven't played in sport for 12 months so now I am going to make up for it and attempt a crazy move that will prove my ability as a baller and everyone will cheer for me and chant my name"
The player may pull-off said move, only to find they have depleted all their energy! Now the ball is heading up the other end of the court for an easy 2 points. If only new players knew to TAKE IT EASY, as we want to see them stick around for a season. Instead they rather everyone be witness to another comeback ballers' attempted, sumersault 360 reverse double-clutch lay-up, that may not have practiced, ever.. or until now.. in reality it may have cost their team the game.

Please remember, pass the ball around, keep subbing' and be disciplined to keep a routine each week.

This way you will see sustained improvement and your teammates will return the passes and happily substitute for you.

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