Welcome back!

Are you back yet? Hope you had a good holiday break and are recharged and pumped to kick-start 2015!

Monthly passes

Monthly passes for February are now available (Limited spots). Please register your interests before the end of  January.

Indoor Basketball games

4th February 2015 commencing 5 on 5 full court indoor games
  • Box Hill @  6.00pm to 7.00pm. This year we also have an additional 7.00pm session at Box Hill for those who would like to improve their skill levels. We will be running different sessions each week:-
    • Week 1: Beginners (Ball handling)
    • Week 2: Drills for advanced (bootcamp)
    • Week 3: Beginners (Basic Drills)
    • Week 4: 3 on 3 indoor basketball
    • As this is a half court, costs for the events are $10
  • Carlton @ 1pm Saturday

Social Event

We have a new social events calendar for the year. This is a good opportunity to make new friends and get to know the people that you play with each week. In Feb, join us to watch the controversial movie “The Interview” at the Astor Theatre (Enter details:date, time)

Seeking volunteers for 3 on 3 comp

We are looking for 3 volunteers (2 referees and 1 scorer) for the next 3 on 3 comp held on the 7th March 2015 at South Yarra. If you are free and would like to help out, please email or approach Harry or Jo. Important information:


  • Our rent has gone up! As PayPal, Meetup and Sporting venues have all increase their costs this year. We also require sashes needed to be replaced and time spent organising has hit an all time high.
  • Beginning January 1st, 2015, your new casual price will be $14 per game
  • We've always done everything we can to keep fees fair and affordable for players everywhere. The previous game price of $13 was set in place 14 months ago and hasn't changed until now. With the new fees, we hope to provide more social events near you so you can connect with fellow members within the group.
  • Our monthly pass has been set at $10 per game for around 8 months, this will remain the same.

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