Your team ratings reviewed

While the humans have been battling to regain control of the earth, team ratings have been developing into a unique and elegant solution to sport, fun and fitness. Your physical abilities have been tested on the court, now see how your team stacks up against the rest.

Eleven previously completed 3x3 competitions, 5x5 leagues and highly organised scrimmages have now been grouped, organised and rated. Each of the 340+ game matches have been entered into a database and results ordered.

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Ratings are calculated immediately after each comp from now on. This is important for teams competing to win the 'Loose Cannons' championship, with hundreds of dollars worth of prizes to be given away to the top teams within the 3 groups. We are expecting to see even more skilled competitors within the advanced Loose Cannons group.


The Loose Cannons Championship is a new basketball competition, the likes of which has never been seen before. Teams compete in 3x3 competitions, 5x5 leagues and highly organised scrimmages to build ratings.

An elegantly sophisticated way of spending time with your mates playing basketball, yet simple enough for anyone to get in & have a go!

The Championship requires a number of games played and a rating of 1200+ to qualify.

Years of work has gone into creating one of Melbourne's best places to play & compete. Are you ready?

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Team Profiles

The Motown Mutineers have played over 30 organised scrimmages, they enjoy the flexibility and fun at Box Hill, playing for fun, but have been known to step up to the challenges of the Class Acts. 

Class Acts stumbled with a first game loss, to go on to an 8 game winning streak, as such they have secured a top position on the board.  Class Acts play every few months between league seasons and byes.

Rain men have grown from strength to strength, Edward Lofton pulling the trigger on a final shot at the buzzer to clinch the win in the Autumn 3x3 competition. Ian Fisher going on to support the Loose Cannons to victory in the Crusaders 5x5 League 

About Ratings

Each team starts with a rating of 1200, you gain or lose rating depending on how your team performs.

The amount of change per match is determined by the deviation. Each team begins with 350. The deviation changes slightly each game you play, constantly becoming more stable. The lower the deviation the more stable the team is. For more information on how the method works checkout the Glicko-2 rating system.

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